Pre Grades
Monday, Robin Hoods Bay :: Wednesday, Lythe

Pre-Grades: Using the ABD syllabus, these classes aim to teach young children basic physical skills such as co-ordination, balance and control of their bodies and other skills like learning to follow instructions, discipline and confidence as well as basic dance skills.

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Monday, Robin Hoods Bay :: Wednesday, Lythe

These classes aim to develop student’s tap skills using the recognised ABD graded syllabus. GQAL accredited exams allow students to earn UCAS pints for Grade 6 and above.

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Private Tuition
By arrangement

Private Tuition: Students who are serious about dancing or wish to progress faster or further may wish to take one to one lessons. These lessons can be tailored to each individual.

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The Associated Board of Dance syllabus has been designed for children from an early age and is split into pre-grade, graded and major classes. Regular exam session will be held to enable students to progress at their own pace and our philosophy is one of stage not age, therefore a student’s age should not hold them back nor push them forward until they are ready to progress.

We believe that completing graded exams is important because it acts as a great preparation for the much more serious tests that children will encounter and it builds their confidence and self-esteem to earn a grade that they have to work hard to achieve.

We also understand that completing exams is not for every child and students will not be held back from progression purely because they have not completed an exam.

If you are interested in any of our classes please get in touch, via facebook, email, phone or click the button to send us a message.